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November…not the time to phase off!

What does November bring up for you? For me it’s pumpkin spice latte, crisp fall mornings, the changing colour of the leaves from green to red and sweaters and boots. It seems that for many people it also brings up the Christmas season. Why do I say this? Because we have been hearing this a lot lately at the clinic. And how are we hearing this? A lot of people are saying “I think I’m going to phase off now for the Christmas season”.

Listen up, it’s not Christmas yet! And it sure isn’t the time to phase off for the holidays either! The holiday season is a trigger for most of us and we tend to see it as a time of year that we allow ourselves to indulge for the sake of connecting with family and social events. But do we seriously need to indulge for 2 months?!?!? This is the mindset that gets people into trouble and come January say things like “I put on 20 lbs!”

Here are three ways to change your mindset around the holiday season:

Christmas is ONE day of the year

When I first started IP I had to have an intervention with myself over the first holiday season. I too had given myself permission to indulge for 2 months on chocolate, fancy Starbucks drinks, alcohol and anything else because it was the holiday season. My first Christmas, I had to remind myself that Christmas is ONE day of the year, not a 2 month thing. Starbucks, Winners and Costco would like you to believe that it’s a 2 month celebration so that you spend copious amounts of money on anything Christmas related.

Ask yourself this….”what is it that I love about the holidays?” or “what do I value most about Christmas?” I’m willing to bet that it’s about spending time with people you love and relaxing. This has nothing to do with phasing off!!!

Have an indulgence day not month

We want you to celebrate with your people over the holidays and find love and connection. And we want you to change your mindset around food and nutrition. You can have an epic indulgence day for Christmas or even 2 days of indulgence. Have it all if you want!!! But restrict it to a day or two. Then, get right back on to phase 1.

Why is this important? Because this is how Phase 4/Lifestyle works. The whole point of IP is not only to lose the fat, but to learn how to eat in a way that you won’t regain all your weight. This means you have to change your mindset and approach to food. What is a fundamental piece of Phase 4? Have an indulgence meal/day and then hop right back on to Phase 1 for a few days. This is to help your body not retain the fat, stabilize insulin and squash the sugar gremlins.

You deserve to rock the holiday season

You have worked HARD at your commitment, determination and focus on Phase 1. You have lost fat and inches and you deserve to be proud of making your health a priority. We have seen it time and time again, no plan is a plan to fail. Creating a good plan of staying on track with Phase 1, attending your weekly coaching and having a plan to get through the holidays is a sure way to rock it!!!

Imagine how amazing you will feel when you get to December 26th and know that you are back on Phase 1 and didn’t skip a beat. No negative self-talk about what you ate, no beating yourself up for eating too much chocolate and no shame! You deserve to enter this holiday season with a different mindset that you can feel proud of.

Gaining back your health is not just about inches or weight loss, it’s about your mindset about yourself and how you will take care of yourself for the rest of your life!!! We are here to support you through this season. If you want to play around with Phase 4, then let’s do that. If you want to be on the alternative plan for a few weeks leading up to Christmas, then let’s do that. Again, having no plan is a plan for failure. Let’s work together and create a plan that will ensure your ongoing success!


P: 604-744-8962
Keto Made Easy!

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